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2018-2019 Bus School Bus Pass Process

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The District has established a transportation fee for the 2018-2019 school year. Because we are charging a fee for bus service, MOST children in grades K-12 may be able to ride the bus by walking to a conveniently located neighborhood location.

Applications for bus passes should be completed and returned to the Transportation Office by the start of the new school year.

If you have any questions, please contact Transportation Services at 714-990-7837 or email at

Ridership Fees
All students riding school buses from home-to-school and/or school-to-home shall pay fees as set forth by the Board of Education:




Annual Round Trip



Round Trip




1st Child









2nd Child









3rd Child









Additional Children









Money orders or personal checks are the preferred method of payment. Applications must accompany all payments and can be faxed (714-990-2564) or emailed to  DAILY PASSES WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE AT SCHOOL SITES.

Money orders or personal checks are the preferred method of payment. No cash payments please. 

Free or Reduced Rate
The following student bus riders on home-to-school routes shall be exempt from the fee schedule above: 

  • Students receiving special educational services which includes door-to-door transportation as specified in their IEP.
  • Families qualifying for free transportation by completing an application and verifying income.

Issuance of Bus Passes
Passes shall be issued annually, by semester, two way or one-way. The pass will provide for home-to-school and school-to-home or one-way transportation as specified for each school day. If you are purchasing a semester pass, another application must be completed by you in early January to avoid interruption in your student's school transportation.

Passes may be purchased through the mail as stipulated on the bus pass application form or at the M.O.T. office located at 565 N. Berry St. (between Lambert and Central) from 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM, Monday through Friday.  DUE TO LIMITED PARKING AVAILABLE AT THE BERRY STREET ADDRESS, WE WOULD APPRECIATE APPLICATIONS BE PROCESSED BY MAIL. Students purchasing a home-to-school and school-to-home bus pass will be guaranteed a seat on a school bus.

We will also have forms available at each school site during registration times.

Bus passes will be issued with the student's picture, name, school of attendance, grade, and assigned bus stops.  Your child's most current yearbook photo on file will be used to complete the bus pass.  After a bus pass is processed, the pass will be issued and returned to the home address.  You must provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your application.  The pass will be mailed to the address on the envelope. Students who are new to the District or do not have a yearbook photo on file will need to be photographed at the District bus pass office at: 565 N. Berry Street, Brea,  92821.  Our space is extremely limited.  Please do not bring students to be photographed if they already have a photo on file.  New photographs will be denied.  Applications that are incomplete, missing a picture, or without payment will be returned by mail to the applicant.

Lost Bus Pass
If a bus pass is damaged, lost, or stolen, a replacement pass will need to be purchased at a cost of $10.00.  This replacement fee also applies to those students who qualified for free transportation.  Contact the transportation office at 990-7837 if this should occur.

Ridership Eligibility Conditions
All students will be required to comply with rules and regulations regarding pupil transportation as set forth in District policies and procedures. In addition, students who continually forget to bring their bus passes, students loaning passes or using bus passes that do not belong to them, or students attempting to obtain Transportation service without paying the proper fees, may be denied transportation services for the balance of the school year.

Bus and Bus Stop Assignment
Possession of a current bus pass entitles a student to ride to and from his/her school as purchased.  Students will be picked up and dropped off at the stop determined to be the safest and nearest his/her home.  (Ed Code: 39831.5)

Students wishing to ride home with another student must possess a current bus pass and have a note of authorization from the student's parent and signed by the school office before the student will be allowed to board or disembark from the bus at another stop other than his/her own.  For stop information, please see the “Bus Schedules” form under the Transportation link.

Please note: Transportation is only provided to students in the Country Hills area who reside in the Gingerwood or Glenbrook areas.


  • Your family moves out of the District (withdrawal slip required).
  • Your student enters a special education program where the IEP qualifies the student for free transportation.
  • Your family moves to an area within the District where your student will be able to walk to school.

Requests for refunds must be made at the Transportation office and the pass must be surrendered at the time of request.  Refunds will be prorated for the remaining time of validity of the pass less a $5.00 handling fee.

Bus Pass Violations
The District's administrative procedure pertaining to the suspension of bus riding privileges shall apply to the abuse/misuse of one's bus pass. A telephone call will be made directly to the parent/guardian and a Disciplinary Report will be filed by the driver when a student engages in the following:

  • Using or attempting to use an expired bus pass.
  • Loaning or borrowing a bus pass or altering one's permanent bus pass.
  • Using or attempting to use a stolen, found, or forged pass.
  • Students must respect the rights of property owners near the stop; vandalism, dangerous
    play or excessive noise may result in disciplinary action.
  • Bus safety rules are violated.

The specific District administrative procedures of progressive discipline apply to student misconduct aboard buses and shall be applied to instances of abuse and misuse of bus passes outlined above.  No refund for unused bus passes shall be granted when riding privileges are suspended.

Discipline Policy

First Offense:

Telephone call to parents and conference with principal, if necessary.

Second Offense:

Principal sends copy of disciplinary policy home and student may receive detention at school.

Third Offense:

Principal contacts parent and transportation may be suspended three to five days.

Fourth Offense:

Loss of transportation

Displaying Bus Passes
A student will be required to display his/her bus pass to the bus driver each and every day before boarding at bus stops and school loading zones. Students should arrive at their designated school bus stop at least five minutes prior to their scheduled pick up time.  Beginning the first semester, a student will be given a one week grace period to obtain his/her bus pass.  After this time, a student will be denied transportation on the bus in the afternoon when loading at a school site. A student without a bus pass will be sent to the school office to make other arrangements for transportation home. Uninterrupted transportation service can only be maintained if a student has in his/her possession a valid bus pass and presents it to the bus driver as required. 

Returned Checks
Checks that are returned from a bank due to insufficient funds will be returned to the Business Services department.  A certified letter will be sent to the parent/guardian for financial settlement.

If financial settlement can not be made, the parent/guardian, school, and bus driver shall be notified when transportation will be denied. Returned checks are subject to a $15.00 service charge.

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